In HerElement

September 15th - 20th, 2023

An unforgettable multi-sensory experience of connection, creativity and unapologetic expression on an exclusive estate in the Scottish coastal lowlands with 2000 private acres of beaches, waterfalls, ruins and woodlands as your playground.

Let us take care of you for a change (in luxury of course!)  with a curated experience that isn't overscheduled and invites you to slow down and center your deepest desires.




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the FAQ'S

You'll never forget...

day one | LAND

You've Arrived.

You'll be transported to the Estate where you’ll feel like you’ve fallen into the pages of a novel. Settle into your private room before gathering at the communal Beach House where you'll have sunset and sea views for every meal.

Before dinner, enjoy dessert first at the beach bonfire where we'll have a burning ceremony, The Movement Experience and an Elemental Essence Workshop that’ll inform and anchor your whole experience.


Tell me about The Movement Experience.

Tell me about the Elemental Essence Workshop.

A revolutionary yet relatable embodied movement practice that reminds you to be kind, curious and accepting of who you are instead of striving for who you think you should be. By slowing the pace, freeing the tension and teaching you to feel your way to the backdrop of binge worthy playlists, it transforms the way you connect to your body and changes your relationship with yourself and your lived experience. This isn't fitness, it's freedom. Where self-discovery is fueled by movement. It's challenging, therapeutic & liberating. It's unlike anything else and you're gonna love it. 

The Movement Experience

Elemental Essence Workshop

Welcome to what Erika calls Practical Embodied Astrology specifically designed for women. Most astrology information available is outdated and rooted in dogmatic definitions that don't speak to the depth of self-discovery available in feminine archetypes. Erika has combined her skills as a Somatic Transformational Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Historian, Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Creative Writer and Astrologer to ground you into your unique essence and make space for your fullest expression.

She'll show you how the natural world (the feminine!) holds the key to unlocking your unapologetic expression in ways that are both empowering and grounding. You'll learn all about Practical Astrology, your personal elemental makeup as well as your elemental landscape that's vital to your needs, desires and vitality. This will set the stage for all of your bespoke experiences throughout the week. 

day TWO | SEE

Let's Dive In.

Wake up to a stunning view, have a slow breakfast and we'll take a leisurely walk to the beach where we'll do a Bodystories embodied movement practice to see yourself and your body in an elemental way followed by lunch.

Spend your afternoon exploring the landscape on bike, cozy up to read a book or hang with us at the beach house!

Enjoy another beach bonfire with a beautiful sunset before dinner.

Tell me more about the Bodystories experience.

The Bodystories experience

Where The Movement Experience holds you and helps you get connected to your body so you can begin to let the body lead, Bodystories is it's more creative and expressive sister.

Bodystories combines embodiment practices with dance inspired choreography and free movement to help you tap into the well of your deepest desires, be seen for the whole woman you are and express emotions through the body with more freedom.

It's therapeutic while providing depth, clarity and self-expression. The experiences are suitable for all ages and abilities.

day Three | TASTE

Savor Each Moment.

Wake rested and enjoy a slow sipped cup of tea or coffee before taking in more beautiful scenery as we wander to the loch platform for Bodystories experience to explore and taste your deepest desires.

In the afternoon, Rahshia will do private Seen Sessions - portraits that capture your elemental essence in the beautiful landscape. Others will have free time, massages and baths planned.

With your free time, wander the gardens, take the row boat onto the lake for a nap or sit beneath the tree that smells like caramelized sugar until another fabulous dinner.

Tell me about these private portrait sessions.

Called the Seen Sessions, these are nothing like photoshoots you pay for in your hometown. Rahshia is a gallery artist focused on exploring inner landscapes and capturing your whole feminine presence, power and essence.

After exploring your unique elemental essence through workshops and embodied movement, you will be taken to a location that reflects your own inner landscape and Rahshia will do her magic to capture your entire essence in the elements.

You'll walk away feeling incredibly seen, celebrated and held in every way.

These are NOT photshoots that center your hair/makeup done or being posed like an insta influencer. They are NOT sexy budoir that center your sexuality nor are they run of the mill - out in the field - love and light imagery.

These are gallery quality images that will capture your depth, softness, wildness, sensuality, power and vulnerability - see yourself for all that you are beyond your body, outer beauty, labels and roles.

And you get to keep and take home to have forever!

your private portait sessions


The Morning Mists

Today, Keriann will take you forest bathing in the woodlands and lead you through a The Movement Experience that's grounding and liberating.

Rahshia will continue Seen Sessions and others will get hot stone massages or in-room ambient and relaxing bath experiences full of sensory delights.

Enjoy some free time with tea and snacks in the Victorian Glasshouse or out by the fire pit before another leisurely and luxurious dinner.

Tell me about this In-Room Bath Experience.


After a nourishing Hot Stone Massage, find a luxurious warm bath awaiting you in your own room. Take your time, relax in the comfort of your own private space and take in all the sensory details.

We're bringing all the ambience with candles, specially chosen oils to compliment your elemental essence, a fruit plate, an herbal mocktail made just for you and a personalized playlist to drift away on.

We aren't kidding when we say you're going to be spoiled!


Your Soul Is Calling

Your last full day will take you on a photo walk through the landscape with pro tips on capturing the essence of a place without fancy equipment.

Once we've arrived to our location, Erika will lead you through a Bodystories experience to feel and voice your desires through the body. Lunch will follow.

Seen Sessions, Massages, In Room Bath Experiences and free time will abound this afternoon until our final dinner together. Dance late into the night if you desire.

Tell me more about the food I can expect.

incredible food

Guilt Free Indulgence with laid back and leisurely breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners ensure you'll never go hungry. Everything is planned with a sensory and pleasurable experience in mind.

It's important to note - this retreat will be dry - meaning no alcohol. We want you fully present to your embodied experience! Not to mention being hungover in such a breathtaking and beautiful place is a real waste. We promise you won't miss it.

This is not for those looking to adhere to a strict or restrictive diet. No detox or calorie counters here! If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, please reach out before you book so we can make sure they can be accommodated.

day six | REFLECT

'Til We Meet Again.

Soak up the scenery and amazing women you've come to know this week over one last lovely breakfast in this breathtaking corner of the world. 

Keriann will close us out with a gentle and freeing The Movement Experience with time to reflect on the journey it's been. 

You'll leave the estate and be transferred back to your complimentary night in a 4* Glasgow City Center hotel where we part ways - for now and you can rest up before your journey onwards.

*Exact schedule and locations on estate may shift due to weather.

Whatever you thought a retreat could be...

You'll never want to leave...




All the snacks and meals you could ever want will be covered and you can expect to be full in every way from breakfast to dessert. Plus every meal will be served with a sea view!

You won't stop talking about....




Each day will include a form of expressive embodied movement (not exercise!) and some kind of enriching workshop or experience as a group. You won't have to pick between activities. You get to do it all - if you want to.



You'll receive an intimate Seen Session that captures your elemental essence in the landscape, a hot stone massage and an in-room bath experience with other surprising and custom details just for you throughout the week.


From the moment we pick you up in Glasgow City Center on the 15th to the moment we drop you back on the 20th, we've got you.

You're more than your labels and roles. 
And all the women inside you have permission.

See yourself
for all you are.

You'll leave friends with...


Creator of The Movement Experience and Feminine Embodiment Astrologer & Human Design Guide for women wanting to change the way they move through the world. Based in Saudi Arabia.

Erika Linae Nimry

The Movement Experience Facilitator leading classes at amazing outdoor venues and creator of The F Laundry Circle - helping be unfiltered and unapologetically themselves. Based in RI. 

Keriann Koeman

The Movement Experience Facilitator and International award winning fine art photographer centering the exploration of women's inner landscapes through her art. Based in Washington D.C.

Rahshia Sawyer

come away with me

to the soft & wild places that feel alive, enough & free

The multi-sensory six day experience of connection, creativity and unapologetic expression that'll change the way you move through the world.

In HerElement

September 15th - 20th, 2023



+ everything in Private package
+ shared between two women

PAID IN two installments
50% deposit non-refundable

that's $4125 Per person
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PAID IN two installments
50% deposit non-refundable



+ Group calls before trip
+ 2 nights 4* Glasgow hotel 
+ Transfer to/from Glasgow
+ Welcome gifts on arrival
+ Private ensuite room
+ All food & activities
+ Personal Portrait session
+ massage
+ in-room bath experience

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