mind your

For the woman craving unapologetic expression
and sustainable success


You've got a vision

and wanna do things differently.

But, you're overwhelmed. You need clarity & direction to make things happen.

You're curious how astrology, human design and feminine embodiment could apply this way.

You wanna go all in and do it right. You're over the tired & generic funnels & formulas on offer.

You want your people to feel you through the screen. To find your voice & creative freedom!

You want support & community as you pave a new path & break away from the way things are.

I see you sister

You're not serving anyone by falling in line & dulling your essence. 


'Cause your essence

is what the world needs!

the support you didn't know existed.

Imagine having practical cheat sheets with insight into the fears, desires, problems and solutions only you offer an audience already looking for you.

Know the style, aesthetic and vibe you naturally give off so you can attract that audience and send the rest away easily.

Feel confident and bang on in all your messaging from emails to posts, conversations and any copy you write.

Be incredibly clear on your needs, wants, desires and able to find a work/life balance that supports you not drains you.

Have a supportive community of other women doing things on their own terms too.

what everyone else is doing


The Mind Your Biz


for the woman craving unapologetic expression
& sustainable success


five 1:1 sessions

Monthly Mastermind

Voxer Group

Dive into your design to understand your needs, power dynamics, path, aesthetic, style, voice and client archetypes that are naturally out there looking for your genius. Extra sessions are always available.

Rolling calls where we gather as a group for perspective, feedback, live edits and to celebrate your struggles or wins. We also cover important astro events and practical support for building & growing your biz.

In between sessions, we stay connected in the Voxer group where I drop anything from playlists, to astro weather insights or embodiment exercises. I also field any questions or provide quick feedback on shared content.

And The Best Part Is... Once You're In, You're In

no yearly fees. No cut-off.

This is your ticket into a container committed to honoring your essence.

'I've been talking about this to my other entrepreneur friends in big ticket programs and they're not getting the kind of intimate support I am from this. It's so personal and has been so helpful to keep me in alignment and advocate for myself when the usual business world advice creeps in. It's so liberating and expansive.

- Anna, California


Your overall signature. A solid foundation from which to explore.

Your core needs and desires. Your power dynamics, purpose and pace.

Branding & Clients. What's your aesthetic, style and client archetypes.

Messaging & Voice. Keywords, style and connection points for copy.

Choose from a range of options. Offerings, Environments, Year Ahead, Team Building, Money Story to name a few.

Understand your energy needs and what your unique path/purpose is so you can leverage it and work smarter not harder. Have more time for what fills your cup and nourishes you.

Know your Needs

Know your own archetypes, your style of magnetism, the colors, style and vibe you naturally excel with and how to effectively use that to promote your programs and offerings.

Know Your Aesthetic

Forget old fashioned client avatars. This speaks to their fears, desires and unique perspective so you can help them and connect authentically.

Know Your Clients

Find your voice! Share your genius and connect with the right people. Walk away with keywords to make copy easy and consistent.

Know Your MessagE

know your chart

Feel clear on what I've shared and be empowered to keep exploring your own chart. I teach while I read so you have a reference point to follow.

Know Your impact

This process will give you clarity and confidence around where you have the most impact in the world and how nobody can do it quite like you can.

'I loved the knowledge Erika has about Human Design and Astrology and how easily she translates that language into simple terms for notes I can always come back to when planning messaging, marketing etc. I’m easily able to inject all those key terms and statements into my business plan. Every session she went far above and beyond to provide as much as possible.'

-Masha, Colorado

What Does It Mean To Do Things Differently???

Walk away from the hustle & grind, more, more, more mentality. Re-align to your own values.

Slow down. You're not a machine. Your biz can be run more rhythmic than robotic. 

Prioritize your needs and desires. Your design holds your formula for sustainable success.





Less but better makes space for expansion, freedom, security & expression to unfold.

Trust yourself to know the way to guide your biz effectively & stop comparing yourself to others.


              overwhelm, confusion & frustration

        clarity, confidence & freedom

where creative freedom & self expression meet

sustainable success



Actual client sales page that started from scratch.


Bonus one | $150 value


Deeply reflective prompts and questions to help you get the most out of your sessions and navigate what you want out of this experience.

BONUS TWO | $150 value


Learn how to find your chart, understand the basic structure of a chart and learn various elements you can identify and start exploring without any astrology training or experience.


Bonus THREE | $150 value


Walk away from your sessions with organized and structured notes that you can turn to over and over again for all business planning, marketing, launching and strategizing.

'It’s fascinating and mind blowing how true and honest this is. Erika breaks it down to practical pieces I can work with and its really coming from a place of my inner truth – not hers. She is so accessible and real and she just gets it. I felt like she also just got me and what I needed as a person. She puts her heart and soul and energy into each session and I could really feel that.'

- Keriann, Rhode Island



Endless Access To Monthly Group Support
Exclusive Access To 1:1 Support & Design Services




The Mind Your Biz


regularly $2222

regularly $2222


'Erika takes what she knows and gives it back in a way I can digest and use. It’s like chatting with a friend. It’s fun and freeing and opens things up that I didn’t know were there. Just f*cking do it. You have no idea how good this can be and how much it can help you. You may feel unsure but you will get so much from this and walk away going ‘I’m so glad I did this and gave it a chance. I can just be me!'

- Keriann, Rhode Island

I had no idea what I was doing when I started but I knew I wanted to do it differently. I didn't want the hustle and grind anymore.

I knew everything I stood for, valued and promoted wasn't in line with the current climate in the biz world.

But, paving a path that didn't end in exhaustion, frayed nerves, actually made money and felt true to me wasn't a walk in the park.

I never in a million years thought I'd be a mentor to female entrepreneurs much less be using Astrology, Human Design, polarity, Feminine Embodiment, Somatics and my design skills to change the game.

But, now I see, it was all always there & I love it.

I'm Erika Linae - friends call me Linny.

hey there

My approach is personal, practical and pleasurable.

i'm a libra sun, cap rising, Sag moon with a scorpio midheaven & taurus North node

That may not mean much to you now, but it means if you want someone who takes partnerships, transformations, foundations and quality of life seriously, I'm your gal. I see the big picture, know how to lay deep foundations and go the distance in a softer way.

Let's Do This!

Your unapologetic expression awaits.

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