Feels like...

peeling off the spanx
& taking off that bra

when all you've been hiding from the world & holding in gets permission to just be.

working WITH ME

I'm Erika Linae.
Friends call me Linny.

Embodied Movement Mentor & Somatic Coach
Explorer Extraordinaire & Self Awareness Queen

I do lots of things & I've lived many lives. But exploration & expression are at the heart of all the many ways I show up in life.

I'm great at providing perspective and presenting deep concepts in approachable ways you can actually use in your life - immediately.

I love using astrology and human design for the self-awareness they facilitate and value their role, but, I'm not a conventional reader.

I bring depth and confidence to your felt, lived experience and bring you back to the safety and knowing that lies in your feeling body.

Before I learned, embraced and embodied my design, I thought my need to explore my options and change directions often was a bad thing.

Now I know, this is my natural rhythm and core essence. So, yes, I've been a historian, literature teacher, photographer, movement instructor, somatics & embodiment coach, nomad, holistic nutritionist, herbalist, housewife - and everything in between. And it's all made me who I am and provided the experience, skill set and unique perspective that makes me great at what I do.

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