curious about a desire & design driven approach to biz?

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self paced program

Sanctuary helps you intimately know your deep needs and desires, what drives you and what fulfills you. It reveals the core of who you are so you can align with YOUR version of having it all and achieve more clarity and direction in your life and biz. Through a blend of astrology, embodiment and re-framing your relationship to all the women inside you (archetypes) you'll have a more balanced approach and cyclical way of being that's practical, nourishing, satiating and sustainable.

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The Potter's Way

seasonal mastermind
& intimate biz support

Align to your path of least resistance, learn how to center your desires and design to bring your vision and biz to life with a feminine approach to biz that does things differently. Learn how to use your voice, let your audience feel you through the screen and follow through on your ideas for a sutainable and supportive biz that serves the life you long to lead - rather than being a slave to hustle and grind culture. 

DIY, group and intimate support options available.

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one off options

A La Carte
Audits & Sessions

Need clarity and direction on a specific part of your life and biz? Sometimes, all it takes is a single intuitive session to re-align you to your truest path. If you'd like a one-off astro branding, planning, biz or specific topic session, get yourself on the list. These sessions are only offered when I've got an opening and get booked up quick - so making sure you're first to know is ideal!

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 Personal Retreats

local & international

Give yourself uninterrupted time in an inspirational place to feed your creativity, fill your cup or move the needle on your biz. Imagine you wake up in an inpsirational place, well rested, no distractions or interruptions. You've got a few days entirely devoted to the thing you've been longing to feel in flow and feel creative enough to complete. Or you've finally got time to relax and just be.

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become a facilitator

The Movement Experience Training

An embodied movement practice & approach for women that reminds you to be kind, curious & accepting of who you are instead of striving for who you think you should be. Binge worthy playlists, a slower pace and a variety of both familiar and new movements let you explore your edge, connect with your sensuality and learn to let the body lead.

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In Her Element  Retreats

group retreats, pop-up events & retreat planning support

These intimate, curated experiences take place both locally and internationally. They're truly unlike anything esle out there. Think exclusive destinations, unique, luxury accommodations and jaw dropping landscapes. These events are not jam packed, they're spacious, intentional and a tonic for the nervous system. They range in themes from self-expression, creativity, biz support and more.

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