Explorer of the world & within, curator of custom experiences & mentor for women with vision wanting to do things differently.


I'm here for the women hungry for more.

More integrity, more time, more freedom, more of your honest and creative expression in the world.

Get out of your head and back in the wisdom of your body. It's time to experience, explore and express all you are.

You're done shape-shifting, putting your dreams on the back burner, playing small, feeling stuck, choking on your stifled essence, delaying your powerful purpose and sitting on your untapped well of wisdom.

See the world, set yourself apart in your industry, give grind culture the middle finger and soften into your version of having it all.

i can help you make IT happen.

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Expand your horizons. Center the woman behind it all. Join a supportive community. Be a powerful force of change. Own your expertise. Let your body lead. Come away with me to the soft and wild places where mastery meets mystery.


The Movement Experience
Facilitator Training

A self-paced archetypal astrology program where the woman behind it all gets her soft place to land.

An embodied movement method changing the way women move - on the mat and in the world.

Travel & Retreats

Give yourself uninterrupted time in an inspirational place to feed your creativity, fill your cup or move the needle on your biz.

I change the way women move through the world and liberate your most satisfying expression of who you are and how you show up. I see how all your moving pieces blend and I know how to make things happen. 

the woman behind it all

I'm not a girly girl and have lived many lives. I don't play by the rules and it took me a long time to reconcile my ambition and deep desires. I don't actually want to work that hard - though I seriously struggled to admit it after years of thriving in the hustle.

Now, my ambitions are big as ever but I'm all about penciling in my no demand days, travels, slow morning coffees outside and wheel-throwing studio time first. I want this for you, too.

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